Sister is feeding her little brother and he drinks milk using drinking straw, isolated over white

I believe that the world could be changed by kindness and good deeds. When I think of those moments that a stranger or friend (it doesn’t matter) has given me a pat on the back or extended a kindness or courtesy, I immediately perk up and feel better about myself and the world! I once taught a Sunday School lesson at my church. I don’t remember the topic of the lesson but I do remember asking those in attendance how much they thought we could make a difference if we just selected one store and made a point to be kind, cheerful and helpful every time we shopped in that store. When I contemplated my own question, I decided that the difference could be enormous! Since then, I have tried to be that kind of person wherever I shop. I don’t know if my attempts to be kinder have been noticed but I do know that I feel better about myself and I know that, at the very least, my efforts may help someone have a better day. I think that alone makes being kinder worth it!


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