Sunbeams and Faith…

Sunbeams  summerfield-336672There is nothing like light to infuse me with optimism and Faith! I don’t know if that is inherent in each of us or not but I love Sunny days! (To all of you in those gloomy weather area – how do you do it?!!) That’s how I feel, as well, when I am feeling God’s light. I have to work for God’s light. It isn’t dependent on weather forecasts and sunny days. Some seem to believe that if God loves them, then their days should be full of joy and Sunbeams. I know this life can be hard but without those struggles that we all encounter, we would never truly enjoy and experience the euphoric moments of life or even the simple pleasures. Think about this…do you ever appreciate each painless breath with your lungs? You do once you have experienced a cracked rib. Do you think about the simplicity of breathing until cold symptoms make it not so simple? Could you appreciate getting to the mountain top if it only required one simple step? Enjoy the Sunbeams of life that come naturally with golden days and work to create those Sunbeams in your life – regardless of the weather outside!

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