What You Do Today….

What you do today apple-1189943

Today is the most important day we have. It is the day that we have full control over. We cannot change tomorrow. Yesterday’s choices already took care of that. We can look to the future and make goals and decide what we want tomorrow to look like but we can’t take care of tomorrow’s actions just yet. However, we can choose today to make those choices and take those actions that will enable tomorrow to look like the picture we have in our mind – that tomorrow that will be the healthiest and happiest today once it gets here!  Take time to plan for your future and make goals – then use today to start making those incremental steps to turn your life into the life that you were born to manifest! It is by living the life you were created for that you will have the greatest happiness and fulfillment! You can do it!

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Do you have to have noise when you are alone with yourself? Do you realize that that is a sign that you are not at peace with yourself? If you truly want to be happy, you have to be at peace with yourself. You need to be your own best friend! Being at peace with yourself is a priceless gift that only you can give yourself. Giving yourself that gift is best accomplished by listening to what your heart tells you. It will tell you of your great worth and the God-given passions that have been embedded there. It will tell you of the perfect, unending love that your Creator has for you. It will speak truth to your soul – but you must listen carefully because it will speak with a voice that is reverent and quiet. You will not hear it above the cacophony of your radio or tv. Nor will you hear it while you are fixated on  your smart phone or tablet. You have come into this world with a heart that is full of priceless information intended to be communicated just to you! Take the time and make the effort to become in harmony with your heart – it will be a tremendous blessing!

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Simple Smile…

simple smile boy-1397787We never know the power of a smile…  How many smiles have been the only positive interaction in an otherwise bleak day? If we live long enough (and most of us do), there will be moments in our lives in which our familiar world vanishes. In those moments, the world continues to move around us – completely unaware that our life has experienced significant loss or trauma. Those who pass by us do not mean to be uncaring but they cannot sense our despair. Our heartache doesn’t hang like a sign around our neck though it feels like it should. As I reflect on those moments in my life, I am so grateful for each stranger who has shared a smile. I am even more grateful for those sensitive souls who, though strangers, knew that I needed an encouraging word or who “hugged” me with their concern. No smile is ever wasted. Every smile acts as an elevator in lifting the positivity levels of our world. Smiles are a universal language of caring – please share your smile today!

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Always Do Your Best…

Always Do Your Best cereals-100263Setting goals or planting the seeds of tomorrow’s accomplishments is sooo important. We are the sum total of our choices. Do you ever think where your choices and your attitudes naturally lead you? Do you want to be a positive person but you constantly speak negative self-talk to yourself? Have you taken the time to listen to what your self-talk tells you? Do you genuinely believe in yourself and in your worth and in your many amazing abilities? No one needs to be conceited to believe in their worth and/or abilities. There is only a problem if you believe you are the only one who is important or has gifts. You are a gift to this world and you are meant to make a positive difference but that will only happen as you are willing to share yourself and your talents with others. I believe that at some level we all want to make a positive difference in this world. What are your gifts and talents? What positive contribution are you meant to make? What seed(s) are you planting for tomorrow’s harvest?

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I Am There with You…

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I remember so many moments in my life when I felt so alone – many of those moments I was surrounded by large numbers of people. Other than losing a loved one, I’m not sure there is a more difficult experience than feeling lost and alone in a crowd. Those years that I suffered from severe depression had more of those moments than I care to think about. I have always been a person with spiritual inclinations and depression stripped me of my normal ability to feel connected to God. For all of you who are wading through depression or other life altering experiences, please know that God loves you and is aware of you. If you can’t yet feel Him talk to you in your heart – climb a mountain, smell the sweet scent of a flower, hold a newborn baby or do whatever it takes to sense the miraculous. Miracles abound in this world if we will open our hearts to their presence. God’s majesty is ever ready to be found. He is present in your heart – hang on and hang in there until you can feel Him. Ask Him to hold your hand each day until you can feel certain that He is holding your heart as well. As a witness of His divine presence and perfection, I cannot promise that each day from this day forward will be easier for you but I can promise that you are loved by God unlike anything you can relate to in mortality. I also promise that as you open yourself to His presence in your life you will see miracles and you will eventually know in your heart that you are not alone and that you never will be.

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