There Are no Ordinary Moments…

Ordinary moments delicate-arch-960279

Do you love your life? Do you treasure each breath you are blessed with? Do you feel like your life is blah blah blah? If so, I’m thinking that perhaps it has been too long since you exercised some good ol’ fashioned gratitude!  Are you waiting for that special moment when there are no trials present and you have everything in life that you want? If you really have had such a moment, please let me know about it – you might be the only person I have ever known. If, you, like me, have never had such a moment – welcome to the blessing of life! We are not here for a time share experience, we are here to learn. When we exercise gratitude and learn how to cherish each precious second that we are blessed with – that is when I have found that life becomes the blissful, amazing experience full of blessings and growth that we all yearn for! Life is precious – blessings are abundant – we just have to recognize them!

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