A Bridge to Tomorrow

Bridge1Who loves the dark when it feels like we can’t turn the light on the moment we want to? Maybe that is why emotional darkness is so hard….we know the light switch that will turn us “back on” is not easily accessible. Life can be hard, dark, depressing and difficult. It can also be wonderful, exhilarating, and full of promise. We cannot always choose the degree of difficulty that we will experience in our lives but we can always choose to find light. Light is everywhere around us – even if we temporarily can’t see it. It’s like being in a cave underground with the absence of light immediately around us but knowing that there is a passage from the cave that will return us back to the light. Most of the time, light does not automatically come to us. When it comes to light, we have to be seekers. I’ve been in the dark before. I know how difficult it can be. I’m also proof positive that when we are willing to fight and willing to seek for light – that the light will come and the most brilliant light that we will find will be the light that burns within us.

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