A Bundle of Sweetness

I held a bundle of sweetness today. She came adorned with a full head of long dark hair, dark blue eyes and little chubby cheeks. Though she is less than a week old, my 10th grandchild has already begun to make her unique mark in the world. I seem to be pre-programmed with a default “love setting”, I am already in love with this precious infant. As I observe other family members – it is clear to see that I am not the only one who is experiencing feelings of adoration. She cannot tell us she loves us, give us a hug or provide any type of kind deed but we don’t care – we love her anyway. She is the newest miracle in our family and she has already earned a permanent berth in our family just by being born.

As I held little Emily, my heart told me that I was becoming reacquainted with a loved one from my pre-existence rather than meeting her for the first time. (The same scenario has played out with each of my children and grandchildren as I have held them for the first time.)

For me, those “first time” encounters with family are a testimony of families being planned in advance and of prior loving relationships with them. No matter how wonderful and adorable I find other babies – the feelings of attachment I have for them are not the same.

I am quite certain there is a program called R.E.M.O.V.E. (Remove Eternal Memories Of Familiar Relationships is Vital to EARTH) at work here. The program is Top Secret and although no one will confirm its existence, a large body of evidence exists to support claims of its reality. The program enables those who come to earth to function without the large amounts of homesickness that otherwise would be present with those who have left heaven to come to earth. The program is known to be very effective although it is not expected to be eternal in nature.

Now that I have been reunited with Emily again, the R.E.M.O.V.E program has done the job it was meant to do and is no longer needed. I am grateful that the program worked well while I needed it. However, now that we have had our first mortal encounter, we are reconnected again and the R.E.M.O.V.E. program will only be utilized for those we are still waiting on to join us. ┬áStarting immediately, a new program will be utilized in its place called the Grandma Program. The Grandma Program calls for lots of love and adoration and for those connections to be cherished for the rest of eternity – never be forgotten again!

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