Attitude Determines How High You Fly!!!

Attitude has a powerful influence on what we do and who we become. It plays hand in hand with our belief system. If you want to succeed – you must have the attitude of a winner. If you want to fail, all you have to do is have the attitude of a loser. We are not born with our attitudes; but we do come to earth with inherent personalities. In heaven, before we were born, we all believed in our ability to succeed; that is why we agreed to be born into this world. Attitudes can be learned and they can be practiced. It may not be an overnight process, but it can be a successful process if we want it to be bad enough. What attitude do you want to have? What success are you meant to manifest? What “Altitude” do you want to climb to? It’s all within your reach and God is standing by to help you! #Attitude, #Zig Ziglar, #Personal potential, #personal growth

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