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In Contrast to the  institutions of the world, which teach us to know  something, the plan of  salvation and the gospel  of Jesus Christ challenge us to become someone   Dallin H. Oaks

Happiness is a choice! Self-Improvement is not a once in a lifetime event but, in order to be truly happy, it must be a continual process throughout a lifetime.

Worldwide acclaim and lofty accomplishments do little for our happiness if we are not happy and content with the person we know ourself to be. True happiness comes when we are our own best friend and we like (love) being in our own company.

In heaven, I saw that the most important accomplishments we make on earth are not the ones that grab headlines but, instead, are the ones that bring love, peace, and improvement to the world and those around us.

God will swap a loving hug that lifts another over a prestigious title any day!

I hope and pray that your life is full of becoming someone wonderful! I hope you enjoy today’s story!

The Happy Dervish

Once, a shah was riding in his palanquin through the town, looking through the window at the scurrying people. Suddenly, he saw a lonely dervish sitting in the middle of the crowd, who was smiling and looking happy about something. The dervish was dressed poorly, and except the saucer for hand-outs and a road script he had nothing else besides him. The shah road past him and soon forgot what he saw.

After a few days, the shah had to go the same way again, where he saw the same dervish again, completely happy, dozing with blissfully closed eyes.

The next day, shah chose the same way on purpose, to see if the dervish will be in his place and again the image was the same. Intrigued, shah was going the same way almost every day and every time he found the dervish in the same spirit.

Finally, unable to stand it anymore, shah came out from the palanquin and addressed the imperturbable dervish with these words, “Why are you always smiling? Almost every day I see you here and it seems that you are absolutely happy.”

“Exactly, my master.” said the dervish with a smile.

Shah was surprised and asked, “Why are you happy? Do you have any money?”

“I don’t have anything, my master. Maybe during the day a little bit will fall in for food.”

“Do you have a home or a family?”

“Neither this and nor that. I wander the world as the wind.”

“Maybe then, you have good heath?”

“Absolutely not, my master, from the cold of the night my bones ache often and almost all of my teeth have fallen out.”

“What makes you so happy then? Tell me. Maybe your recipe for happiness will be useful to me. I have everything, but I’m unhappy.”

“God never sends more challenges for one person that he can’t handle. And burdens a person only with those circumstances, which at that moment, are most useful for his development. The circumstances in which the person is – is the place for spiritualization. I accept that the best thing for me now is what I am, where I am and what is happening with me. I accept it with gratitude and a smile. If necessary, with resistance and patience, and if possible, I try to understand what God is trying to say to me with it and in which direction should I move with my development. The realization of it doesn’t make me absolutely happy, but I have a clear horizon opening in front of me, free from the rainy curtains and filled with the sunny light of awareness.”

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