For Behold the Spirit of Christ is Given to Every Man…

Woman stands in praise before a beautiful night sky.

I believe that there is much good in this world. I believe that we each have the Spirit of Christ as a gift given to us at birth. It is that gift that inspires so many to do good things!  I also believe that the Devil is more than just a being that is portrayed at Halloween. As a result of my work to share my knowledge of God with the world, I have had encounters with those who serve Satan. I believe that Satan and his followers are most dangerous when we minimize the intent and power of their work. There is a way to judge the intent of a man or woman. Is it self serving? Are lies and deception a part of their rhetoric? Is rationalization consistently present? Are sustainable positive results seen as a result of their efforts? Does their positive influence shine like the sun on the souls they encounter? (Think Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi) Goodness and evil are real and they do not play situational ethics. There is a way to judge and playing on God’s side will always be the winning side!

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