BlessingAt this time when our thoughts, minds, and hearts are full of the blessings that we enjoy – I am reminded over and over again of where all of my (our) blessings come from. Even in those dark, difficult moments in which I could not feel God’s presence or His love – He was there. He is always there blessing me, instructing me, helping me, and loving me. I know that He is always there for you too! May we always reach out to our Creator in love and Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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One thought on “Blessings…

  1. I really love your pic….
    Pondered about the source…. Knowing Him is a journey of truth and sincerity… A journey to knowledge engraved in and by the heart…. The ways to Him need reasons, the reasons are true blessing to guide the heart while growing…. to carry this kind of knowledge needs ability and light… Every step is worth the step, every walk is a healthier you… Every sprint is worlds of knowledge inside a ‘healthier’ heart…. You flounder, ignore or delude yourself after knowledge, you burn a blessing that may never grow again…. A journey of truth and sincerity within… to the source of all blessings and context….

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