Bruised and Broken

Bruised and BrokenIt seems like my “bruised and broken” days come in avalanches. I am an incredibly blessed woman. I have a wonderful husband who reciprocates my adoration for him. I have a wonderful family that I am in touch with daily. I have a warm roof over my head and food so plentiful that I have to “worry” about eating too much rather than wonder where my next meal is going to come from. Yet, in all of my humanness, I have those days when I feel overwhelmed – when I wonder how I am going to find the energy and the wherewithal to face my “to do” list let alone accomplish it. It is in those moments that I am frequently reminded in the quiet recesses of my heart of how incredibly blessed I am. He who knows me and who knows my multiple weaknesses stands ready to assist me. Although I may be feeling feeble, inept and spent – I have a perfect personal coach cheering me on. Knowing just what I need to get to the next step because He already took it for me long ago. In this season of adoration for our Savior, may we each remember the priceless gift He provided by sacrificing His life for us and may we utilize the gift of personal guidance that He offers to us each day as a small token of our love and appreciation.

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