It’s Up to You to Find Beauty in the Ugliest Days…

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Do you sometimes struggle to find beauty in the every day moments of life? Do you try to take the easy road when you know a different road would be better?

Over the weekend, I took some of my young grandchildren shopping. Some family members accused me of losing my mind (I invited my grandchildren to go with me). I took four children between the ages of 10 and 4. I suppose maybe I was guilty of harboring a psychosomatic ideation or something like that. However, there is something that told me I needed to do it.

When it was all said and done, there had been a few anxious moments, but there was also a moment of truth. Okay, there were several moments of truth. Moments in which I came to realize that there had been important reasons behind my internal urge that I needed to make my shopping trip more complicated than it had to be (by taking young, active children).

Because I took three siblings, their parents were able to have some time to be a just a couple. Then, I was reminded, by the oldest of the children I took with me, that perhaps my outlook is in need of some youthful influence. As she recalled other experiences we have had together that have been very meaningful to her, she remembered details that I had long forgotten. However, to her, those moments had been very special and memorable. Those memories evoked a desire in her to have more of those special experiences. She wanted to have another road trip that she remembered as fun and special and that I had felt certain had been nothing but a boring excursion with grandma for her.

Then, it came time to pick out a Christmas stocking for the grandchild that will soon join our family. I presented our options to the kids and they all picked the stocking that I thought was the ugliest option we had. They then proceeded to explain to me why this stocking would be the perfect stocking for their anticipated cousin. Once again, they taught me the values of a child. A lesson I needed to be reminded of. After all who cares about Santa when you can have a reindeer?

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Beauty Begins the Moment You Decide to be Yourself…

Is it difficult for you to be yourself? Do you have a hard time believing that you are beautiful? I believe it is such a blessing that we each are so unique! Even identical twins have their own one-of-a-kind fingerprint! I think this is just one way that God communicates to us His belief in us and His ability to know us and love us each for ourselves! If you find believing in yourself or your beauty challenging, I hope you will make time for yourself and go to your Creator in prayer. Ask God to bless you with an understanding of His love for you and the gifts He has given you. Ask Him to help you see yourself as He sees you. If you are willing to watch and listen, I know that you will find your experience a blessing in your life!

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Everything Has Beauty…

Everything has Beauty  pexels-photo-54200Here in Montana where I live, we have cold weather and sometimes it is very bitter cold. We also have snow – sometimes in great abundance. Not everyone who lives here in Montana is a fan of the cold or the snow. Personally, I love snow. I don’t always love the snow when it is making roadways icy and dangerous but I love seeing the crystalline transformation of the world that snow brings with it. I, instead, struggle to love the desert. I know that there are those individuals who love the desert. I think that if I took the time to learn more about the desert, I would appreciate it more than I do. I believe that beauty is so often a matter of perspective. I am reminded of the story of the violin being sold at an auction. No one valued it until someone took the time to play it. Once the master violinist took the instrument in his hands and played it, those present at the auction came to value the precious violin for the incredibly valuable instrument that it was. The same is true of so many things. We all have beauty. We all have value. We just have to see it! I know that God sees our value, our beauty, and our potential! He believes in our value and potential (and beauty) so much so that He ransomed His precious son for us. I can’t imagine ransoming one of my children. That alone tells me of the great value that God places on you and on me. So when you think about yourself – remember how beautiful God thinks you are and how valuable you are to Him. Your perspective may need some fine tuning but His is perfect!

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Are You Finding Joy in the Journey?!!


Find joy cathedral-cove-1592274Do you take time to relish the simple daily pleasures of your life? Do you take time to recognize the simple joys? What about the the moments that bring a smile to your face? Every day I am blessed to have moments in my life that bring me joy. Whether it is a slobbery kiss from a grandchild, a funny story from my husband or seeing complete strangers interact in a loving way towards each other – these and many other things! bring me joy! I treasure the simple, yet priceless joys of my life! I hope you do too!

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See The Miracle…

weMiracle flower-144486I love flowers. I look at them and I am enthralled with their beauty. In the intricacies of a flower I see the miracle that each creation of God is. I cannot look at a flower or tree or any other creation of nature and understand how anyone could think it could have been created through the evolution of a simple celled organism. What I see is the creation of a God who loves me and every single one of His children so very very much that He desires to give them the best of everything. That feeling coincides exactly with my near death experience. It was there that I met and talked with God and felt His perfect love for me and all of His children. It was during that experience that I came to understand that God’s perfection and His overwhelming desire for each of us to learn, grow, succeed and to be blessed with all that is His to give.


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