What I Learned from My Near Death Experience About God and Life

heaven-where-the-truth-is-foundadobestock_65462109I have had a few experiences in which I have seen people who are passionate about their beliefs using a megaphone to shout their message from busy street corners.  I always find

their attempts a little puzzling. They are standing on a busy street corner so that more will hear their message and yet – because they are standing on a “busy” street corner and people passing them by are “busy” no one seems to really hear or care about the messages being broadcast.

There have been a few times when I have wanted to “broadcast” a message to my fellowman – no desire for street corner megaphone but definitely a desire to share information I consider important.

I think I could compare my passion to that of a reformed smoker. You know the type: the kind that having learned their lesson – doesn’t want to see anyone else make the same mistake. That’s how I feel now that I have seen what heaven is like and I have gained insights about God that few mortals seem to have.

Here’s what I would say if I could have my chance to tell everyone who is struggling with their life or struggling to know if God is real:

Believe in what your heart tells you. It speaks truth when it tells you that God is real, He loves you, you have potential and you deserve to be loved.

  • Understand that evidence of God’s existence is so abundant that you should feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of evidence He has provided us with. If you are able to love, see, feel, touch, hear, taste…if you are able to marvel at the beauty of a sunset…if you are able to feel warm rays of sunshine…if you can hold a newborn baby in your arms…if you have the ability to change in even the smallest of ways…if you can look at any single creation from nature and recognize the miracle of its existence…you can know in your heart that despite the difficulties that life can and will bring…God does exist, you are His child and He loves you.
  • Know that the conscience that every living soul is born with is not an accident – it is a gift from God and will lead you along the right paths if you will allow it to.
  • Life is not an accident and every living soul born to this earth has a purpose.
  • Death is not an end…it is a necessary transition to another world.
  • How we live matters. It doesn’t matter whether we are wealthy or famous or remarkably talented or beautiful. It does matter that we love, learn, and serve.
  • We have each been blessed with the gift of choice. Because of that gift…our lives and the world are sometimes impacted in negative ways. However, because of that gift…we can grow and overcome difficulties, we can choose our attitude and learn new things…we can love and we can forgive.
  • Our lives were planned prior to our births but the objective of those plans were not to create a billion billionaires of extraordinary fame – the objective was to provide life experiences that would enable us maximum potential for positive growth.
  • God and His angels are there to help us.
  • We can change and our lives can be changed and if we are willing to utilize His perfect understanding – God knows how to get us from where we are to where we are meant to be.
  • Life was never meant to be a spectator sport. To create the life that we each have the potential to create – we must get in the trenches and work hard. We will experience trials and tribulations but if we utilize the divine assistance that is available to us – we will also experience joy, love, growth and personal success!

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The Most Important Things…

Important Things revised-153926If you have followed my recent posts, you know that I have a granddaughter who was severely injured in a rock slide. It only takes a loss or a significant event such as my granddaughter’s accident to understand what is truly important in life. What I saw in heaven mirrored that sentiment. There was no worry about wealth or how many vacations we were going to get to take in heaven. Instead, we were concerned with our loved ones and how we could serve them – the most important loved one we wanted to serve being God himself. It is my goal to live my life so that I can return to heaven with a life history that I can be proud of. I don’t care if I win awards or if I become world famous. I do care that my history will show that I loved greatly and that I served others and made this world a better place to be. If I succeed in that endeavor, I will make the transition back to heaven with a smile and I will be filled with calm and peace.


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When the Light Goes Out Before the First Breath

LIght of LifeToday’s post is not necessarily part of what I learned in heaven – though part of it is. Today’s post is a little bitter sweet. Quite often, our days have both a combination of bitter and of sweet. What I share today comes on the heels of the news received last week that the fourth baby we were expecting to add to our family this year will not be arriving. That news was received just ahead of the birth of this year’s baby #1. I know if I talked to a scientist he/she would give me some detailed explanation of exactly how and of what a heart is constructed of. Though my spiritual heart resides right next to my physical heart – they are definitely two interrelated yet separate operations. Somehow, my physical heart just keeps on beating while my spiritual heart wants to both shout with joy and crumble with grief. Our tally now comes to 15 sweet mortal angels (called grandchildren) and 5 heavenly angels that came and whispered their arrivals but who left before they took their first mortal breath. Those five heavenly angels have not disappeared – they are very real; they just did not need the same mortal experience that we did. For them, the perspective is much different. They love us and care for us and from their time perspective (which is different than ours), they know in no time at all we will be joining them. In the meantime, we mourn those angels we will have to wait to hold and we celebrate those angels who remain in our presence. It is at times like these that I hold on tightly to those amazing things that I learned in heaven. I hold onto the knowledge that my Father in Heaven is perfect and only wants what is best for me and those I love – even when we don’t understand why some things need to be the way they are. I will hold dear my knowledge of just how much we are loved by the Father of our souls. I will trust in that plan for my life that was prepared well before my first breath and I will know that I don’t have to understand everything – I just have to have faith and rely on that perfect, loving Being that I call my Father in Heaven.

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What I Learned in Heaven #4

Life is Eternal#4 I learned that we are Eternal Beings. We existed long before we took our first mortal breath. We had experiences and were amazing beings in that realm we call Heaven. I also saw our efforts to prepare for mortality. Yet, though mortality would be vitally important, it would be just a piece of our existence. Just as we had existed prior to mortality – we would continue to exist when we took our last mortal breath. In heaven, we saw birth as the event which would begin our sojourn into mortality and death as the event which would enable our return to our beloved Father. Neither event was viewed as difficult – the important thing was to make wise use of our time on earth and to live our lives in love and service.

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1000 Important Things that Death Taught Me About Life


Earth from space. Detailed image.My Near Death experience sometimes feels like a life within a life. Which is hard to explain but I’m going to attempt it anyway. I don’t know how long I was in heaven – probably 3 or 4 hours but every time I reflect on my experience, it is like getting personalized instruction on the importance of life. If someone were to ask me about my life, I would have to answer as though I have had two of them: my life before death and my life after death. My time in heaven was so glorious and so profound that today, some 12 years later, I am still processing and learning from my experience. A residual effect of all that processing is an overwhelming desire, at times, to want to pick the world up, shake it a little and say with the most loving, urgent, intense voice I can muster, “Don’t you know what we have here? We are not here by accident. God is real and He is perfect and if you would just listen you would know how much He is trying to help you! Quit fooling around and taking your life for granted! Pick yourself up (With God’s help of course),  figure out your personal mission and get busy with living the life that was personally designed for you before you even took your very first mortal breath!” Now, for very obvious reasons, I am finding it difficult to lift more than about 80 lbs. let alone the entire world but the desire remains. So, I have had an idea that just might suffice for now. I am going to share over the next ummm 1000 posts the lessons I learned in heaven about life. I hope you will think about them and share them and let me know what you think.

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