If We Only Do Things We are Comfortable With…

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Have you been inclined to avoid challenges? It is not uncommon for most of us to want to have great success with our accomplishments in life without great trials or sacrifices to get there. However, life is meant to be a growth experience. Without challenges and learning experiences, we become stagnant. I learned an invaluable lesson from one of my adopted children who has been diagnosed with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). His emotional disorder makes it very difficult for him to make himself emotionally vulnerable. Until I witnessed the impact of his emotional dis-attachment to life, I never realized how important it is for us to be both emotionally vulnerable and willing to grow. He has been so afraid of being emotionally vulnerable that he does not allow himself to love anything. Can you imagine a life in which you do not become emotionally involved in anything…at all? It is a sad thing to see anyone miss the pleasure and delight and learning – of achieving. It can be difficult to move beyond our comfort zone – but the truth is that no one climbs Mount Everest from their recliner and no one becomes the person they truly want to be without some struggles and moving beyond the skill set we had yesterday. Today, I hope that you will think about your life and what you want it to be. Then take one step today towards accomplishing your dreams!

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The weekend is coming and when I think of weekends, I always think of gathering with family and friends! As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I love Abraham Lincoln! I love how he was such an example of addressing adversity in positive ways. Sometimes relationships struggle; most often those relationships are with family, friends or associates. There are many ways to heal those relationships. Where abuse is present, the story changes and we won’t deal with that today. However, when we are only dealing with personality conflicts and such there are multiple strategies that can be used. Exercising patience, compassion and love are always positive moves. I have found that utilizing prayer and God’s guidance are key to finding the right strategy and finding the answers I need! If you are having relationship issues, I hope and pray that you will reach out to God and make the effort bring greater love and peace into your life!

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Soar dawn-190055How can anybody NOT be inspired by Helen Keller? I love who she chose to be and the positive influence she continues to have on this world! I cannot imagine understanding the world as she did given her handicaps. Yet, comprehend she did and she absolutely soared above any preconceived limitations! We all fear things in our life from time to time. We all struggle with not feeling quite adequate. However, that is not where we should be content to stay. We each are meant to soar! We each have an important contribution to make to this world we live in! You ARE awesome and you were born so that you could learn to overcome your personal challenges and SOAR! Listen to your heart and pay attention to the messages it is sending you! What are you meant to do?!! What are your special gifts?!! Listen carefully (you may need to find a quiet place) your heart has lots of wonderful things to tell you about yourself!


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To Live Greatly…

To live greatly 871849Today I received a photograph of my 10 year old granddaughter Kamrey. She was smiling – smiling despite being connected to numerous tubes, monitors and a nasal cannula for breathing. She was having a short break from the face mask that normally supplies her oxygen. Kamrey was severely injured in a rock slide and has been in a pediatrics ICU for just over a month. I know, because God has promised, that she will heal and she will eventually resume a normal life. In the meantime, she has been an inspiration to me. She has had tremendous pain yet she has not complained. In the moments since her accident, she has literally feared for her life – yet she has trusted and faced her situation with courage. She has all the reasons in the world to feel like God has picked on her – yet I know when she is able to talk again that she will express gratitude for His help in her healing. I know that when the day comes that Kamrey is able to go home, she will do so with the determination to rebuild her strength and to regain her complete health. Kamrey is a fighter. That characteristic has and will serve her well. Kamrey is also a natural athlete. That quality will also serve her well. However, the quality that will serve her and this world best is her ability to think of others before herself. Just a few months ago, Kamrey was in a race. Kamrey could have placed well in her race but Kamrey stopped to help a struggling little girl who was feeling overwhelmed. Kamrey offered to run beside her and then did. When the race was over, in my mind, Kamrey was the biggest winner of all. Kamrey is an incredible example of living greatly to me. If you have stories of others living greatly, I hope that you will share them with me. In the meantime, will you help me pray for Kamrey? Prayers have already blessed her and given her strength but she has a long recovery ahead of her and I would appreciate all the strength and healing that prayers and angels can provide for my sweet granddaughter 🙂


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