Family History: Discovering My Heroes – Discovering the Hero Within

To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root Chinese Proverb

Doing family history is more than simply recording who lived and died. Genealogy is more about discovering the people who are the origins of the characteristics that mold who we are and potentially who we can become. While studying the life of my great-grandfather, Augusto Galieti, I came to know the man who would become a hero to me, as well as the man who, by example, unlocked potential greatness within myself.

Born in 1896, Augusto Galieti grew up in an Italy steeped in political turmoil and economic change. Shortly after marrying Margherita Cuomo, Augusto was threatened to either join with the rising totalitarian political party in the country, or die in 14 days. Augusto abandoned the life he knew in Italy to bring Margherita to the United States and start a new life away from the threat of oppression and away from family.

Finding work in Ohio, Augusto and Margherita built a home and started a new life filled with promise and freedom. After living in the United States for 14 months, Augusto came home to a crying and distant, seven-month pregnant wife Margherita. After pressing her as to the nature of her distress, Margherita eventually revealed that a man came by the home delivering a single piece of paper bearing the mark of a black hand. The man demanded a sum of money (in the name of protection) to stay the threats from what some would define as a mafia-type organization.

Having recently left Italy to escape oppression, Augusto had grown tired of living a life directed by threats on his freedom. After discovering the mystery man’s identity, Augusto accosted the man sending the clear message that any threats on his family would be returned in kind.

Months later, as an Italian heritage fraternal organization was forming in Ohio, the mafia sought to gain control over this organization as well. Augusto feared what could result, and was fed up with the influence of those who seek to oppress. Augusto stood up in the officer election meeting, offered a commanding speech calling for the expulsion of mafia influence and for the membership to vote accordingly.

Understanding that such an act of blatant defiance could likely result in his death, Augusto still chose to be a man of integrity. The members of the fraternal organization were so empowered by his speech and example, that he was elected as the organization’s first president.

The more I study Augusto Galieti, the more I come to know a man who stood for what was right regardless of opposition. Freedom and family were principles he defended with his life. Knowing these principles are “in my blood” helps me to know I can follow his example, stand for what is right and just, and perhaps be a hero to future generations as he has been to me. When the time came to go to the temple and perform exalting ordinances on his behalf, the experience was more than obligatory officiating on behalf of a stranger. Instead, it was a honor to have a part in saving my hero, my great-grandfather, Augusto Galieti.

Today’s post was written by Nick Galieti. Nick is a writer, documentarian and sound engineer with Nick and wife, Heidi, own and operate Custom LDS Scriptures, online at This post is shared from the following website:


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Family….The Relationships and Love that Bind Us

She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her Proverbs 3:15I am biased – I admit it. I believe that I am blessed with the most amazing and wonderful family in the world!

I hope you feel that way about your family too!

I believe that our marital relationships and the relationships we have with our family are the most important mortal endeavors we can participate in. I also believe that families are for eternity. I don’t know, for sure, that our families existed prior to our birth but I do know for sure that our families were planned well before any of us were born.

Additionally, I know that our deceased family members are not far away and I know that they often help and mentor us. I believe that they are often our guardian angels.

I know that my grandparents have been with me and I know that my father was a part of the circle of angels who protected and gave strength to my granddaughter at the time of her accident and while she gingerly clung to life in the NICU at Primary Children’s Hospital.

I now have 18 grandchildren with the 19th on her way. When the newest member of our family makes her mortal entrance, she will be my 13th granddaughter and she join what I consider an elite team of incredible individuals. It is my hope and my duty as her grandmother to help her know just how amazing and wonderful she is. You see, once she takes her first breath, she will lose much of her pre-mortal memory. I will need to remind her of what I know of her – what I know of each of us: We are all precious children – all worth incredible sacrifice and effort as far as the Lord is concerned.

And I will pray for her and for the world as I always do – I will pray that she will know God’s love for her. I will pray that she comes to know Him well throughout her life. And…I will pray that each individual who is a part of this world will have the same blessing and knowledge of God that I want for my granddaughter and every member of my family.

I hope you enjoy today’s story!

The Lost Ruby

I’ve had only one experience in my life and this one changed my life and way of thinking.  When I was a teen my grandmother moved in with us.  I loved my grandmother, we were very close. My mother called me her ‘junior’.

When I was seventeen I went to the prom and my grandmother let me borrow her beautiful ruby necklace. At that age, being somewhat reckless, I lost it somewhere. To this day I still don’t know where, I just remember at the end of the night my mother was extremely upset with me. My grandmother being very understanding and forgiving was not upset at all.

A year later my grandmother passed away and not long afterwards I joined the military and was stationed in Germany. For years I had not talked to my family. My husband left me and at this point I‘d been in Europe four years with still another year to go.

One night I became an hysterical drunken mess, cried for hours and I passed out. The next morning I found clutched in my hand my grandmother’s beautiful ruby necklace. I don’t know how to explain this! I shared this with my mother and we both cried. Together with the help of my family and this miraculous event, I’m putting my life back together,

Contributed by Cindy Rowe

Story shared from the following website:–TRUE–DIVINE-INTERVENTION–ANGEL—-MIRACLE–INSPIRATIONAL–STORIES—collected-by-me–amp–till-now-unseen/141689.aspx




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A Wrinkled Face

A Wrinkled FaceSo many of the world’s “Senior Life Executives” have so much to share. They can teach us so much and enrich our lives with their wisdom and experiences! I love being able to spend time talking with and visiting with my family and friends who have such a wealth of information to share. I hope you will take advantage of those opportunities that are available to you!

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My Grandmother’s Example – A Glimpse of Heaven

I learned the importance of example through my grandmother.  My grandmother didn’t just tell me what she believed – she lived it. Her guidance came backed with the stamp of her example.

I never remember having any conversations about the do’s and don’ts of life with my grandma.  No deep discussions…our interactions were more filled with working together (if you call making cookies and eating strawberries out of her garden work) and play time.

My sweet grandma was shaped like an inverted hour glass with not a lot of distance between her shoes and her head. She made her own butter from the fresh milk grandpa supplied from his cows, canned the proceeds from her large garden, baked her own bread, and my grandpa drove her everywhere because she didn’t drive.

I was only 5 or 6 years old when grandma’s dad passed away. Though I wasn’t very old, I understood the devastation my great grandfather’s death left for my grandma as her mother lost her will to live and the roles of mother and child were reversed.

Watching my grandmother deal with her mother after the loss of my great grandfather created some concerns for me. For years, I worried how my grandma would cope if she ever lost my grandpa. My grandpa and grandpa were true sweethearts and it was easy to imagine my grandma coping with losing my grandpa just the way her own mom had.

I always wondered why my grandma made sure that she attended the funeral of every family and community member in her small community. My grandma was not a stranger to death. She lost 3 children before they reached the age of 2. It took me several years to realize her attendance at so many funerals was not a result of pre-occupation with death but a desire, on her part, to be of comfort to those she knew and loved.

After we lost grandpa – grandma showed me what she was really made of. One of the first things she did was take driving lessons and, from what I understand, grandma’s biggest driving challenge was seeing over the dashboard – no problem with the other essential driving skills! In those months after grandpa died, grandma pulled herself up by her bootstraps and she forged ahead. She had always taught me about eternal families and the way she moved ahead with her life let me know that although she greatly missed her sweetheart – she knew that their parting was temporary and that she needed to step up and take care of business in his absence.

It was less than a year after my grandpa died that grandma had her first stroke. Once again, she showed the mettle she was made of. Instead of giving up, she was fully cooperative with her rehabilitation therapy. Her doctors predicted a full recovery.

The last time I saw my grandma I had one of those rare moments where the exchange we had did not need words but only holding hands. As I looked into her eyes, I knew that she was telling me good-bye. The way that she squeezed my hand, looked into my eyes and smiled at me communicated to my spirit that she knew her time had come and that I needed to know that she would be okay. Grandma had a massive stroke within a few days of my last visit.

I never recognized the example my grandma set for me until she was gone.  In fact, some of the most memorable examples she set for were in the last few months of her life.

At her funeral, it was noted that her last and final church calling (job) had been working with the infants and toddlers in her ward nursery. She served as nursery leader in her ward until she had her stroke. She never complained or said she was too old – she simply embraced and loved the little children that she worked with.

My grandma did not have a lot of material wealth. I still chuckle when I think about the colored tricot underwear my brother and boy cousins received one year for Christmas (well before colored underwear for boys was considered fashionable)! As the grandmother of 30+ grandchildren and 6 living children – my grandmother spent endless hours making gifts for her family. She worked hard to make her gift-giving budget stretch – she worked even harder to show her love through her hand-made gifts.

My grandma was not a perfect woman but she knew that how she lived mattered. She had mortal flaws like anyone but she consistently made an effort to be the kind of person she believed God wanted her to be. Her example taught me that when life hands me difficulties – it’s okay not to have a perfect understanding of how to handle those trials as long as I am trying to do my best and I am utilizing the correct source of help (God). She provided me with an example of can do not give up. She showed me that giving of self is more important than giving of things. She believed in eternal families and when loved ones were lost – she did not question those beliefs she simply confirmed them by her actions. And possibly the greatest example my grandma set for me was in showing me that it is through the small acts, the little courtesies, and the insignificant events that never make news headlines that this world is made a better place and I am made a better person. What a blessing to recognize that by coming to understand what my grandmother has taught me through her example – I have been granted another “Glimpse of Heaven”!

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