Children Make Your Life Important…

Children mom-1403724It doesn’t matter how politically correct people want to be, it is true that having children transforms your life. I was one of those women who never really gave having children much thought. I didn’t expect that the whole experience would come quickly or easily. Except for  nine months of nausea, my experience came both quickly and (sorta) easily. Being a mom is never easy but loving my children has been nothing but easy. I became a mother for the first time on Mother’s Day. My Mother’s Day that year was amazing! But it had nothing to do with me – it had everything to do with that bundle of baby laying in my arms! I know of no other experience that is more emotionally and financially draining and yet I would never have traded a minute of it. I totally believe that each member of the human race is important – and at the same time I can’t help but hold the needs of my children above my own. My children are all grown and gone now and I watch now as they have their own parent experiences and I see the feelings I had for them manifested for their own children. We now have a new generation of important beings in our family and I am an instant fan of each one! Children teach us so much and they give us the ability to look beyond thinking only of ourselves to something better! Just remember, even if you aren’t a parent, we can all be the nurturers of children. I believe with all of my heart that if we want a world of peace and happiness we must all do all that we can to love and nurture children!

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