Created in the Image of God…

Image of God  luck-1046042_1920If I could have the wish of my heart – it would be that each of us as God’s children could really know who we are and our true potential. We are amazing – we truly are a “chip off of the old block”. We are the children of a Divine, Perfect Being. God ever stands waiting and willing to assist us. He will not assist us to become less – He will assist us to become more. When we consistently listen to our hearts, we will come to know who we are and who we are meant to become. God will never drag us screaming and kicking against our will. So, when we turn our hearts over to Him, we create an environment that will allow us to become and receive so much more than we will be and have if left to our own. God will humbly share His perfect knowledge of us – a knowledge that will not diminish us but allow us to be our happiest and our most amazing self! It will be a work in progress; it will not come overnight. But, it will come and as it does, the blessings and the results will be truly inspiring!

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