Creating a Meaningful Life…

the-meaning-of-life-revisedadobestock_71988761The best days of our lives are the ones in which we get to be the givers! Life is such a profound gift in and of itself. I like to believe that when I give of myself in some way to help another that I am a partner with God in His work here upon the earth. I seem to be in a place right now where I am continually learning about my personal influence and how rarely I know what that influence really is. Life is so often made of those commonplace moments that I think it is often hard to know when something we have done had profoundly affected another. It has made me take a step back in my moments of reflection and to try to become more in tune with the mindset that everything I do has an influence in the world around me. That is how our energy works. We choose the type of influence we will be but our gift becomes the most powerful when we give something of our self to others.

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