Dare to Move Mountains!!!

Move a mountain pexels-photo-91224I am often guilty of looking at a project that is mine to accomplish or create and becoming overwhelmed. At my age, I have been a part of a lot of projects! Being that I am no newcomer to the concept of projects, you might think that I should be used to the whole concept. What I have found, however, is that each project is not just a project; it is a growth experience. Growth always means something new or enlarging my skill set. The last several years it has meant learning to utilize new technologies! Is there anyone out there who finds keeping up with all of the new social media and technologies a piece of cake? If so, I am in awe of you! For me, it seems I just get the hang of something and then it changes or there’s something additional I need to learn! I remember when I was first married, just learning to cook and manage a home was a HUGE challenge for me. Now, as I work to learn new things, cooking and homemaking are my comfort zone. Life would be so easy if that’s all I had to do! What I have learned is that the new end of an experience is never easy and was never meant to be. And, if I just attack a project by determining what the end result needs to be and break it into the steps that need to be accomplished, it all becomes manageable. Very few things can be accomplished overnight or in one giant leap. But mountains can be moved a rock at a time!

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