Dear Child of Heaven…

Letter from God for postI am often reminded of the contrast of values between heaven and earth. I observed in Heaven that our ability to love, developing our talents and gifts, and providing service to each other and our Creator were of greatest worth. We often see the world around us embrace status symbols, personal entitlements, wealth and power. This life is short and it is important. Embracing the world’s standards will never bring us the joy and satisfaction that we innately desire. (After all, our spirits have been around a lot longer than our mortal bodies.) I believe that in our hearts we all know what it most important. However,  placing the right things in the right perspective and then living accordingly is not as easy in mortality where temptation surrounds us. The atmosphere of God’s truth and love that prevails in heaven was a much easier environment for us to thrive in. Yet, as we lean on our Creator’s wisdom and love – it can be done here too!

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