Do You Believe in Your Potential?!!!

Potential revised   roses-1332058Do you minimize your worth or your potential? If so, why? We have come to this world to learn and to grow and to realize our Potential! All of us have trials and difficulties. Many times, it is those trials and difficulties that serve as the stepping stone for our growth and realizing our potential! God stands by with all of his forces of light to assist us! God did not create this world so that we could come and have an experience in failure. He created this world to provide an opportunity for us to succeed! We can’t do it alone – we need heaven’s assistance but WE CAN DO IT!!! I hope that you will believe the truth about yourself and believe in your potential! I know that the God of this earth believes in your ability to successfully achieve your potential! It may take several leaps of faith before you get there but on that amazing path that was designed specifically for you – you will never be alone. And, as you make God your partner in your effort – you will be amazed at God’s micro managerial efforts to assist you! It will not always be easy. It will not always look like the picture you originally envisioned but when all is said and done – it will be even better than anything you could have even imagined! God is not interested in helping us to be a squatter’s shack – He knows our true potential is grand and glorious! We are meant to be “mansions and more”!

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