Do You Have Gratitude?!!

rose bushes  profile-girl-rose-young-girl-50998Did you wake up in pain today? Perhaps your day started out on the wrong side of the bed? Sorry to hear about that – but now it’s time to smile and move on! Pain can be overcome; be thankful that your body is well enough to send a signal to you that something is wrong! I would love to be able to interview Abraham Lincoln! In spite of the incredible difficulties he had to face throughout his life, he selflessly moved forward with the work he felt compelled to do . His life is an inspiration to me. I wonder if he thought about being an inspiring example to a woman of the future while he dwelt on the issues of the civil war? I doubt he ever thought about me and you specifically; but I am sure that rather than dwelling on his personal miseries, he made the future of this nation his highest priority. I understand the term difficult. I also understand pain – having spent 15 years of my life with 24/7 migraines. Had it been my decision to wait until someone else found a magic pill or to feel sorry for myself while expecting others to solve my problems, I would still be suffering from migraine headaches or be dead. The truth is that I had to be my own major resource. My husband and family love me dearly but they didn’t grasp the pain I was in and they were not motivated to find answers for me. I ‘m not looking for sympathy here, just know that reading piles of books and searching the internet and making phone calls are about the last thing that I “felt” like doing during that time of my life. I now look back on that time of my life and I am so very grateful for it! Do I want to repeat that experience? NO! However, I learned from that experience that sometimes perspective must be changed in order to find solutions. I learned that to truly heal, alternative medicine is leaps and bounds ahead of allopathic medicine (MD’s)! I have learned the truly powerful substances that herbs are and I stand in awe of God’s creations and His obvious desire to provide for our needs through his creations (which are clearly superior to man’s pharmaceuticals). We all have problems and trials and difficulties! We also have blessings and gifts and an almost infinite list of things to be grateful for! So if you are having a bad day, stop, take a deep breath and start counting your blessings!

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