Everything Has Beauty…

Everything has Beauty  pexels-photo-54200Here in Montana where I live, we have cold weather and sometimes it is very bitter cold. We also have snow – sometimes in great abundance. Not everyone who lives here in Montana is a fan of the cold or the snow. Personally, I love snow. I don’t always love the snow when it is making roadways icy and dangerous but I love seeing the crystalline transformation of the world that snow brings with it. I, instead, struggle to love the desert. I know that there are those individuals who love the desert. I think that if I took the time to learn more about the desert, I would appreciate it more than I do. I believe that beauty is so often a matter of perspective. I am reminded of the story of the violin being sold at an auction. No one valued it until someone took the time to play it. Once the master violinist took the instrument in his hands and played it, those present at the auction came to value the precious violin for the incredibly valuable instrument that it was. The same is true of so many things. We all have beauty. We all have value. We just have to see it! I know that God sees our value, our beauty, and our potential! He believes in our value and potential (and beauty) so much so that He ransomed His precious son for us. I can’t imagine ransoming one of my children. That alone tells me of the great value that God places on you and on me. So when you think about yourself – remember how beautiful God thinks you are and how valuable you are to Him. Your perspective may need some fine tuning but His is perfect!

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