Faith quail-eggs-1247384Faith is like a hollow leg. Just when you think you have enough – a space opens up demanding to be filled. I have had many people tell me that I have great faith. The truth is that while I may have developed great faith in certain areas, there is always a demand for more and greater faith in my life. I feel comfortable with that because I know that faith is an incredibly important part of the purpose of this life. Like a child turned loose without his parent’s imminent presence, we have been “turned loose” in this world to grow independent of our Creator’s constant presence. The more we develop faith, the more that we will feel God’s presence in our lives. His presence is always available but we must develop both the desire and the faith to utilize his guidance. We often think we know best but I have found that those times that I think I “know” are most often comparable to a toddler sitting on white carpet while playing with the lid of his sippy cup of grape juice.  Despite the warnings of his parents, it is usually just a matter of time before he(I) have a mess on his(my) hands that could have been averted if he(I) had just been willing to listen!

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