Faith is the Moving Cause…

Faith is moving cause mountain-1465027Faith is the ultimate motivator. We go to work because we have faith that by doing so we will receive wages and be able to take care of the financial needs of ourselves and our family. We drive to the grocery store with the faith that once we get there we will be able to find and purchase the foods and other items that we need. We obtain higher education because we have faith that that knowledge will be of benefit to us. When I visited heaven, I saw that faith was an overwhelmingly important reason for life on earth. We are born into the world to develop faith. Faith is believing in something or someone even though we have not completely seen or experienced the fruition of the belief. I have faith in my husband that he will continue to love me and be my best friend. I exercise that faith in him because i have previously had experiences with him that have developed my faith in his future actions. I have to admit that I have an advantage over many others when it comes to faith in God. I was able to see God and His perfection and converse with Him in heaven.  For me, faith in God’s perfection is no longer really faith – it is knowledge. However, I do have to exercise faith daily in my ability to fulfill my life’s purpose. Some days exercising that faith in myself comes easy and other days…it requires a huge leap of faith. What I have learned is to trust in God. I have learned that God may lead me through paths that are excruciatingly difficult but lead me through them He does. Never ever has He abandoned me and I know He never will. He takes my hand and walks with me through everything – both the thick and thin moments of life. He will do the same for you. He knows you and He knows what you need to become the best you possible. You will have difficult moments and you will have epiphanies. Yet, as you exercise faith in God, He will strengthen you and bless you and His love and guidance will be with you. Life is meant to be a growth experience. Your faith in God may be challenged but I promise that exercising faith in God is never the wrong move. He loves you and desires to walk beside you.

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