Faith…What I Learned in Heaven #11

FaithFaith, we throw the term around a little recklessly for all of the importance that it has. Life did not begin here on earth and it will not end here either but the time we spend here will be critical for most of us. (Babies and young children who die don’t get grouped with us here) We know sooo much and we feel sooo much and too often we sweep what we know and what we feel into an emotional dust pan where we convince ourselves that we aren’t going to have to deal with it. It is not by accident that we are emotional beings! As I witnessed in heaven the events that had been a part of my existence, it became so overwhelmingly clear that I needed to give more credence to the impressions I felt in my mortal life. For example, when I first started dating my husband, it felt like I had known him forever. It was as though we were having a reunion – not just getting to know each other. As I saw us together in that sphere of existence that we were a part of prior to this earth life, it made so much sense. We had been close there and prior to our births it had been decided that we would be together on earth. When we started dating, I could not, of course, remember our relationship prior to this life. However, my spirit knew and those feelings I had in my heart were telling me things that were important for me to pay attention to. I didn’t really need to know that I already “knew” him but I did need to know that our relationship would be important to me and that he needed to be an important part of my life. [At this point, I feel inclined to throw out a bit of caution here…since we feel so much in our hearts, we need to be sure that what we are feeling is from God. When we are being prompted in our hearts by God – those promptings will always promote feelings and behavior that we would be proud to display if God were in the same room with us. Feelings that promote any kind of behavior contrary to God’s commandments is not from God and will not be a blessing to us if we act on them.] The exercise of faith is a vital experience for us in this life. The whole idea behind faith is that as we develop it and learn to exercise it, we will continue to grow, improve, and move beyond our current limitations. Utilizing faith is usually hard because we have to trust in the final outcome without having the whole blueprint in front of us. Yet, as we continue to utilize faith, our relationship with God becomes profoundly stronger, more vital, and our ability to trust Him grows exponentially. Then, just as the meme above demonstrates, we can grow into someone who is profound and beautiful – even if we must start from a bed of ashes.

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