Fear Not…

Fear Not  girl-843076As I write this today, I am thinking of the state of the world today. I am thinking of how within the last several years, the media at large (social media included) have made it socially unacceptable to stand for the truth that is contained in the scriptures. The Ten Commandments have not become obsolete. If anything, they have become more essential and more needed than ever. My near death experience allowed me to see God. I know He is real and I know that he is unchanging. We cannot change truth – we can only lose our understanding of it. God created this world and each of us with a purpose. The term socially acceptable is a frequently heard term these days. Unfortunately socially acceptable too often seems to mean the expectation that, as a whole, society is to go along with and support behavior that is contrary to God’s will. God loves each of His children. That does not mean that He loves our choices or our behaviors and that His commandments are a mere suggestion. It is not a popular stance to stand for truth and for God’s unchanging directives. Yet, if we want a world filled with peace and joy, the only way to get there is with God’s assistance and aligning our choices/lives with Him.

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