It’s Up to You to Find Beauty in the Ugliest Days…

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Do you sometimes struggle to find beauty in the every day moments of life? Do you try to take the easy road when you know a different road would be better?

Over the weekend, I took some of my young grandchildren shopping. Some family members accused me of losing my mind (I invited my grandchildren to go with me). I took four children between the ages of 10 and 4. I suppose maybe I was guilty of harboring a psychosomatic ideation or something like that. However, there is something that told me I needed to do it.

When it was all said and done, there had been a few anxious moments, but there was also a moment of truth. Okay, there were several moments of truth. Moments in which I came to realize that there had been important reasons behind my internal urge that I needed to make my shopping trip more complicated than it had to be (by taking young, active children).

Because I took three siblings, their parents were able to have some time to be a just a couple. Then, I was reminded, by the oldest of the children I took with me, that perhaps my outlook is in need of some youthful influence. As she recalled other experiences we have had together that have been very meaningful to her, she remembered details that I had long forgotten. However, to her, those moments had been very special and memorable. Those memories evoked a desire in her to have more of those special experiences. She wanted to have another road trip that she remembered as fun and special and that I had felt certain had been nothing but a boring excursion with grandma for her.

Then, it came time to pick out a Christmas stocking for the grandchild that will soon join our family. I presented our options to the kids and they all picked the stocking that I thought was the ugliest option we had. They then proceeded to explain to me why this stocking would be the perfect stocking for their anticipated cousin. Once again, they taught me the values of a child. A lesson I needed to be reminded of. After all who cares about Santa when you can have a reindeer?

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