Finding Meaning…

MeaningIf there is one thing I have learned as a result of life experiences and my near death experience – it is that God’s plan for us and our lives is not and never has been random. I don’t know what science will yet prove about the heart but I know that our Center (heart) is more than just a functioning organ. I don’t even know if our Center and heart are the same thing. What I do know is that we each have a Center and that it is the conduit to guidance from God and from our spirits. My Center is my irreplaceable and priceless gift that instructs me and guides me in accomplishing my personal life mission. It helps me identify my innate passions and gifts that I have brought with me from my pre-birth life and it helps me to understand how to meaningfully use those passions and gifts. This life is not just about you or about me – it is about us. It is about taking what we came equipped with and then adding that incredible potential that only God can gift us with and becoming our ultimate self. Our journey will not demand any material cost but it will demand our hearts and the best we have to give. A small price for such a glorious gift!

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