forgiveness  lion-565818_1920Forgiving those who have betrayed or wronged us is sooo difficult. I believe that, for most of us, our desire for justice to be served easily outweighs our desire for mercy. Therein lies the challenge. It takes strength and courage to forgive. It takes a prayerful heart and a willingness to lay judgement in God’s hands. I do not believe in situational ethics (when it’s me that is wronged there must be punishment & when it’s someone else, there must be forgiveness). I believe in standards and principles that are in alignment with eternal truth. For me, that means that I have to be willing to hold another accountable for their choices. At the same time, I have to be willing to release hurt, anguish, and possibly hatred from my soul that have resulted from their actions. Peace will not manifest itself in a  world in which we pretend that evil or poor choices do not exist. Peace comes as a result of mankind’s willingness to bury their egos and self-interest in favor of God’s will and love for their fellowman. Peace cannot be legislated – it will come as each of us decide to align our hearts with God and truth. Handing ourselves over to God is not easy; doing the right thing never has been. Forgiving others is rarely easy – forgiving ourselves is often even harder. However, carrying the sludge of hatred, bitterness and resentment within us is toxic to our souls and to our health. The world does not need more sludge carriers – it needs more strong, forgiving and loving souls!

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