God’s Glory…

God's Glory 591576

God is real…I was blessed to see Him in heaven. He loves me and He loves you! He is perfect! He has all comprehension and intelligence. Mortal intelligence is so inferior to God’s intelligence that using mortal comprehension alone we cannot understand the depth and breadth of our Creator’s perfection and understanding. His comprehension, abilities, and love is totally complete. He has no weakness or imperfection. It doesn’t really matter that we comprehend what God knows but it does matter that we understand His love for us and His desire to guide us. We have each come to earth to fulfill our personal purpose. We each planned our lives with His assistance (because He knows us better than we know ourselves). We were born to succeed! With God’s help, you not only can but will accomplish your purpose! Search your heart…daily build your relationship with God and you will be amazed at the transformation that will be a part of your life!

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