Good Friday…

Good Friday 2016cross-678960The magnitude of what the Savior of this world did for me and for you cannot be comprehended. Good Friday epitomizes blessings brought forth from even the most dire and derelict of acts. Never has one sacrificed so much and never have so many gained so much from the sacrifice of one. I wish to give gratitude and thanks to my beloved Savior for what he has given to us all. His is a gift that possibly is best comprehended in that sphere beyond mortality. It is because of His gift that eternity matters. It is because of His gift that each of us can rise to the very utmost heights of our potential. Through His gift of selfless love, we can make the bonds of our love and families eternal. The sacrifice of our Savior gives to us now and will continue to provide us with countless blessings for all of eternity.

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