Happy Birthday America! A Glimpse of Heaven

I am soooo grateful for being a citizen of the United States of America! I am grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of this country. What a blessing it is to be a citizen of a nation that has used its powers to bring freedom and greater security to the citizens of other nations rather than use its powers to dominate and rule over other them!

I am grateful that the Founding Fathers of this nation were men who:

  • Believed in God
  • Believed in God’s power
  • Believed that freedom was a God-given right
  • Risked their lives and their fortunes in order that this nation might be free.

It was not an accident that their motto was “In God We Trust”. The founding of this country is a testament to what can and will be done when God’s children trust in Him and act upon His inspiration. This nation will always be a great and strong nation as long as the majority of its citizens look to God for their strength and guidance.

I will always remember how grateful I was to land on U.S. soil after flying home from Russia while the Kosovo conflict was raging. Never before had I realized how wonderful it is to be a citizen of this country! Freedom – wherever it is found is a blessing and should never be taken for granted!

I cannot express enough thanks to all who have sacrificed their time, being with their families and loved ones, their comfort and their lives that the freedom of this nation might be preserved and the world in which we live in might be filled with more free and less filled with tyranny!

I hope that all of us will remember how blessed we are and never take our freedom for granted. I also hope that during this election year that we will look to elect men and women who believe in God and who look to Him for strength and guidance in their lives. Happy Birthday America!

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