HeartsLetting God speak to our hearts can be both painful and difficult. It is one thing to logically know that God knows us – it is another to feel His knowledge of us in our hearts . We may know that God knows best yet struggle to turns ourselves over to Him. Letting God into ours hearts can feel like we are exposing our most raw, bare self. That can be paralyzingly difficult. The irony is that He already knows every fiber of our being and loves us in spite of whatever that reality is.  As long as the world seems content with who we are, it can be easy to choose to be complacent. It is up to us. The choice is always ours. We can let God in and let Him speak to us or we can allow our egos to motivate us and miss out on incredible experiences, joy, and satisfaction. Our egos always push God aside – it is only our hearts that let Him in.

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