I Want to Be Like a Caterpillar


I love spring and all the renewal of life that comes to the big sky country where I live. I love seeing green once again after months of leafless brown and yellow trees. I love seeing children’s faces light up when warm days arrive that allow them to play outside in the sunshine!

Spring always reminds me of the good things that change can bring and that is why I want to be like a caterpillar.  Just like a caterpillar…I want to be the object of a beautiful transformation.

I’m mostly interested in being the kind of caterpillar that turns into an attractive butterfly mainly because I want my story to be one of both growth and beauty.

Just like a caterpillar…I want to grow and to be willing to cast off old skins when my growth exceeds my current “skin”.  Just like a caterpillar – I want my growth to be exponential. Lastly, I want my growth and maturation to reach the point where a transformation is butterfly obvious and can be felt by all who know me.

When it comes time for others to look back on my life…It doesn’t matter to me if others see obvious stages in my life but I would love for others to be able to see my life as a pilgrimage – a voyage in which an ordinary person continued to be an ordinary person who was able to accomplish extraordinary things because of her willingness to allow God to guide her life.

For me, being a caterpillar is a lot like being the clay in a potter’s hands. I want mine to be a story of an ordinary caterpillar transformed into a majestic butterfly by “The Potter.”  Hope you enjoy the beautiful transformation that spring brings this year!

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