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I have great concern for the United States of America. I think this country is filled with wonderful individuals who do not understand how precarious the blessing of freedom can be and is. Situtational ethics and morals are not a strength to this country – they are a weakness. The Ten Commandments were never intended as biblical law only – they are eternal law from a God who is as unchanging as HIs laws. The constitution of this country was written through divine guidance from that very same God who created us. It is divine guidance that enables ordinary humans to do extraordinary things. It was through divine guidance and divine miracles that this nation was established. It is an unfortunate truth but it is true that evil men exist in this world. Power, wealth, and greed successfully tempt individuals to do many hurtful things that bring pain and misery to our world. Those evil men and women live in all countries of this world. There are men and women who live within our borders who desire to and who are taking steps to take over this country and to remove the freedoms that this nation was built upon. It is because of evil men and women  that our personal freedoms must be protected and cherished. We must be able to defend ourselves and our beliefs. Our nation was rightfully established as One Nation under God. The strength behind our nation is the families that teach right and wrong and who make God central in their lives. The Fathers, Mothers, and Teachers who help to instill an understanding of God, His laws, and his everlasting desire to bless us with abundance and love are the very individuals that this nation depends upon for its well being. It is the not president or congress that gives this nation its strength – it is the citizens that they are elected to represent. We each are responsible to be the type of citizen and the mother, father or teacher (example) that our nation needs in order to keep our freedoms protected and our children provided with the life education that will continue to engender moral individuals who hold dear and sustain the freedom of this nation. If our nation is to remain free and strong – we must each take personal responsibility to maintain our freedom and strength. We must not be afraid to do the right thing and to stand for that which is right.



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