It Matters…

It MattersI don’t know if being a NDE’r (Near Death experiencer) is akin to being a reformed alcoholic but I suspect it is. I would like to think that I valued and cherished life prior to my near death experience but in my heart of hearts I know that I never valued my life then the way that I do now. The crazy thing is how it grinds on me to see so many unhappy people who could be so much happier, so much more content and just so much more if they could just realize how precious this life and what they do with it is. This life is not about getting, getting, getting and getting more. It is about learning, giving, growing, loving, and becoming. There are times I want to jump up on my “soap box” and shout “Come on People – We have been given a priceless privilege here! We have been given a precious life and incredible potential and whatever you do – don’t waste it! God loves you and He knows you and He will help you through both the good and the bad!” Of course, I’m wise enough not to do that (at least not yet). The point is – What really Matters are those things that God has given us and that Life will not take away.

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