Keep Working Towards Your Miracles!

Opposition  crawl-919224I have been having one of those days…the kind where I just want to wiggle my nose and instantly be on the beach in Hawaii with a warm gentle breeze blowing through my face and not have a care in the world. Don’t get me wrong…my life is truly wonderful, I just sometimes have days when I really feel the load of having so many irons in the fire. In the depths of my heart I know that, prior to this life, I chose each and every one of those “irons”. I am truly grateful for every morsel of my life. What a blessing it is to be able to know the vision that God has embedded in my heart and to be able to work towards its realization! When I found today’s quote, I knew I needed to create today’s meme around it. I know that it’s true. Not only do miracles occur after great opposition but the greatest blessings often come then as well. May we all overcome the opposition in our lives and be the recipients and many blessings and miracles!

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