To Know Happiness, We Must Focus our Attention on the Right Things!


Have you paid attention to your thoughts? Do you ever think about what you think about? Do you focus your attention on things that you have no control over? Do you talk trash to yourself? We all have unconscious thoughts that we need to be aware of. Those thoughts have a very powerful effect on our actions and our lives. We can steer our thoughts just like we can a car. First, however, we have to know what we are steering! God has given us the personal power to choose our thoughts and our actions. Although thoughts can be a little more tricky than choosing our actions – it is totally possible to get a handle on the process! Over the next week, pay attention to those quiet hidden thoughts that you have. I would encourage you to write them down. Beware that you might be surprised by some of those thoughts that are lurking in the background. Therefore, be sure that you don’t judge yourself based on those thoughts! Instead, be ready to identify those thoughts, get rid of the crummy ones, and replace them with positive self talk! Don’t expect to be a pro at redirecting your thoughts immediately! Keep practicing and paying attention and soon you will be great at keeping the kind of thoughts that will be positive and productive circulating in that amazing mind of yours!

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