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I find it interesting that so many of us have lost sight of the Law of the Harvest.  There is such beauty in the Law of the Harvest. For me, the Law of the Harvest is all about individuality and blossoming into who we are meant to be.

Today’s technological world has easily convinced too many that all things should come in an instant: wealth, happiness, fame, education, skills, etc.  This world was not created in an instant and nothing of true value and worth ever is.

Life is about growth and improvement. No one ever created a good habit in an instant and nobody has ever created a life of integrity and character in an instant.  A truly meaningful life is not even built from a handful of momentous occasions – it is built from a timely process of experiences and choices that build in positive ways.

In order to grow and improve, we must follow nature’s sequence:

  • Planting
  • Cultivating/Nurturing
  • Harvest

Throughout our lives that natural process is meant to occur over and over again. For each of us, the variety of seeds that are planted will be a combination that is uniquely our own. No seed that is planted should be discounted – each seed is important for it is creating the harvest that is meant to be us.

The planting is crucial and the harvest is meant to be glorious but the most important part is the cultivating and nurturing.  There is no end result worth mentioning without the cultivating and nurturing. The strength and beauty of the harvest comes only when the seed is planted, given the appropriate amount of time, fed the right nutrients, and has enough sunshine.

When a human spirit comes to earth, it needs the same kinds of things that a plant does to have a glorious end result. We need to be planted where we can grow (which is not always where we imagine would be best), receive plenty of the right foods and water, have lots of nurturing and tender care and we need lots and lots of “Son” shine.

I am not who I am as a result of one major life event. I am more who I am because of the seemingly insignificant events that play out in my life daily. Each one of those events and choices that occur in my life build who I currently am and who I will become. The same holds true for everyone.

As for myself, I like to think of myself more like a tomato plant. I do best when I am surrounded by a sturdy cage (my family, friends, and access to and sources of eternal truth). The fruits that my life has produced and will continue to produce are of varying sizes and will ripen at various times but regardless of the size and harvest time – the quality of every piece of fruit depends on the consistent nurture and care given to the entire plant.

Every piece of fruit the plant produces not only has value of its own – its contributes to the value of the entire plant. And…each one is has its own unique time to be ready for harvesting.

When we try to rush our children through childhood; demand more of ourselves than we are currently prepared to give and/or expect instant results without the appropriate effort and/or time involved – we are forgetting the law of the harvest. All of God’s creations are meant to be a part of the Law of the Harvest. Who we are meant to be will not be created overnight and will be most successful when given the appropriate time and care. I am grateful that that law honors who we are and who we are meant to become and creates those glorious results we want like nothing else can!




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