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Educations old-books-1237619I love learning! I hope you do too! I believe that we all innately value learning. How many times have you or someone you know gone through a difficult experience or illness? Have you ever been asked if you wish that experience had never happened? Have you ever asked your friends that question? More times than not, we would not trade those experiences because of what they have taught us. My experience in heaven showed me that for all of our existence we have valued learning. Degrees or diplomas really have nothing to do with it. What is important is that we are always trying to learn – expand our universe – expand our intelligence! Sometimes the seemingly small things we learn are the most important and valuable. Think about it…how much do you love seeing a doctor that is immensely knowledgeable in his/her specialty if they don’t know or understand how to be caring or kind? Do you love watching events like the Special Olympics because the participants are so professional looking? No!!! You love them because you appreciate how hard they have worked and how willing they have been to learn and to give their best efforts despite their challenges!! I can imagine God watching us and being soooo proud of us when we give our challenges and our learning experiences our best effort! Make this day a day of learning…and when the day is through, give yourself a pat on the back!

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