Life is an Adventure!

Life is an AdventureI had to share this meme! It brought such joy to my heart! When my father was still alive – I had a standing joke with my dad that difficult events were not trials; they were adventures. I remember the first big “adventure” I had with my dad. My grandmother was very ill and my family and I were headed home to Butte, Montana after Thanksgiving. Our plan was for my dad to follow us home and then he would park his truck and he and I would drive to Idaho to see my grandma. My husband had driven ahead of us to Billings for business and the kids and I had joined him a few days later so we could spend Thanksgiving with my family. Our family caravan was driving home from Billings to Butte and my dad was following in his truck behind my family.(This was in the days before cell phones.) My dad started having mechanical problems with his truck. My dad flagged us with his lights and we turned around to check out why he had pulled over. After determining that my dad’s truck issues were not going to be a remedied without additional parts, my husband took our three oldest children and headed home. I stayed behind with our youngest daughter to provide transportation for my dad. My dad and I ended up “on the road” for a couple of days while he tried to locate the parts he needed to repair his truck. The conditions were cold and miserable and I had little to keep my young daughter entertained with. However, no matter how exasperated we felt – we joked that we were on an adventure and our trial became a game. In our “adventure” game, the first one to complain would lose. After that experience, all of our difficulties became adventures. Neither one of us would ever complain to each other – we would only talk about our “Adventures”.  How grateful I am for my dad teaching me how to have an adventure. Adventures demand a different mindset. Adventures have no room for complaints and negative outlooks. Adventures are new experiences that can thrill us, teach us and bring us to new vistas! Now, as I look back on all of my “adventures”, I realize that adventures can be learned from and looked at from a learning perspective much sooner than trials can. Trials can make us feel like we are being treated unfairly. Trials can nudge us to shrink and withdraw from life. Adventures remind us that each positive step we make in our climb is a step up. Adventures help us look forward to the view from the next summit. Life is full of stretching experiences – I prefer that mine be adventures!

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