When We Listen to God’s Guidance…

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My life has been blessed with many miracles. I hope your life has been blessed by miracles as well! Some may think that God uses miracles to convince His children of His existence. I do not believe that to be the case. I believe that miracles are a gift to those that believe. I know that there are occasions when non-believers have experienced miracles but I believe those are rare exceptions. I have found that the more I learn to listen to God’s guidance, the greater the number of miracles that my life is blessed with. Not only are there more, I am able to recognize those miracles with much greater clarity. I think the Pharaoh that contended with Moses is a perfect example. I don’t think Pharaoh was ever that impressed with the miracles that he saw – loss seems to have been his greater motivator.  Can you imagine how amazing the story would have been if Pharaoh would have been converted to God and His ways?!! What if Moses and Pharaoh had teamed up to build a temple rather than the Israelites wandering for forty years? I think one of the greatest miracles that occurred with Moses was Moses himself. He went from a reluctant participant to a man of tremendous faith and ability. I believe that each of us is meant to make a similar transformation. We are meant to take the unformed clay that we currently are and work with God to transform us into a masterpiece. Each of us is meant to be our own miracle!

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