Love For My Fellow Man

EmbraceKnowing what I know about God…having had the experience of being taken back to heaven to witness a face to face meeting with God that I had prior to my birth on earth has given me insights that not everyone has. One of the most important things that I witnessed during that meeting was God’s complete perfection. He had no flaws, no gaps of knowledge & intelligence, and He is unchanging. I see the world around me trying to change God and trying to humanize Him. It is as though by making Him human they can more easily rationalize their own rejection of that Being who created them. Knowing what I know…I know that the Ten Commandments and other instructions issued to us in scripture are based on God’s knowledge of us and what we need to lead the kind of lives His plan designed for us. His plan is perfect. His love and desires for us are perfect. His knowledge of us and what we truly need is truly perfect. The God I know and revere is unchanging. I may not always know or understand the purpose behind all that God instructs me to do but I know that His intelligence is far superior to my own. Therefore I know that marriage is to be between a man and a woman. God has established His standards and they will not change. Those who embrace situational morality, ethics, and behaviors based on the deceptions that have enveloped much of modern society are not going to better our world – they are simply going to diminish God’s influence in our world. God’s influence and guidance is what will enable us, as mankind, to improve the world around us and improve our lives.

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