Marriage is Such a Blessing!!!

I’m feeling very nostalgic today! It is my husband’s birthday and I know that I am a very blessed, lucky, and fortunate girl to have him in my life! Somehow, despite youth and naivete we got it right! We have been through a lot together and I think that’s what makes our marriage so wonderful – we go through everything TOGETHER. We made a commitment early on to continue to date each other (also called courtship) forever. Our children didn’t always love that concept (mom and dad leaving for date night) but we all have been blessed because we have always put our marriage first. Marriage is work – but it is the kind of work that yields incredible dividends when you are committed, willing to sacrifice and include God in the process. Next month we will celebrate 38 years of marriage – I think that qualifies us for experienced marriagers! The best thing about it is that we still are blessed to feel like newlyweds! Thanks and Happy Birthday Greg! marriage bridal-636018

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