My Hero for the Day!

You see the picture here? This is my hero for the day…not clad in superhero attire, not a sports icon, and no lives were saved by her heroics. This is my friend Jessica. In the picture you see her decked out in her swimsuit and ready to participate in the Wild Woman Triathlon.

Jessica sent me a text wondering if I was going to the triathlon. My daughter was participating and thinking that Jessica was looking for a partner to observe the event with I committed to going with her. (I was going anyway to support my daughter) Within a couple of seconds, it occurred to me that maybe, the due to give birth any day now, Jessica was not just thinking of watching. I promptly sent her a text: “You aren’t doing the triathlon are you?”. To which she replied, “Of course, I can’t break my record of 3 years in a row”.

So…Jessica showed up, swam, biked, and walked a modified triathlon – not because it was comfortable, not because she was trying to break a world record, and not because she was into taking thoughtless risks. She was simply trying to achieve a personal goal. To that I say way to go!

To me, Jessica is the epitome of a hero. She had a goal and she was willing to challenge herself to accomplish it. Those are the kind of heroes I love!

P.S. Little Emly Ann was welcomed to the world just days after the triathlon!


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