Never Be Afraid…

Never Be Afraid stones-1014567Corrie Ten Boom is one of my heroes. I remember reading her book, The Hiding Place, when I was somewhere around 12 years old. Even at that young age, I recognized the incredible strength that Corrie, her sister, and others exercised in their efforts to hide and protect their Jewish friends. Corrie and those who worked with her were mortal Saviors. She was a very special person and I believe that she was able to do the amazing things she did and continue to have the special attitude that she had throughout her life because she knew in whom she could trust. I don’t know what experiences Corrie had prior to her efforts to hide Jews from the Nazis but I feel confident that her experiences had taught her that God could be trusted to guide her no matter what the situation was. Having seen God during my near death experience, I know of His perfection and I too know that we can trust Him to guide us. Before my near death experience, I often had a difficult time imagining how God could direct my life when I knew He had so many other lives that He was a part of. I also struggled in my confidence to trust that He could or would do a better job of managing my life than I was capable of on my own. However, in heaven, I saw clearly His perfect abilities. I know now that when I entrust my life to God, He will walk beside me and help me create a life far more superior and filled with greater joy, satisfaction and meaning. He will take my little agate self and transform me into a diamond. The good news is that all that He is able to do for me, He is able to do for you and for all mankind! Our Divine Father is no respecter of persons. He loves each of His children perfectly – He stands at all times ever ready to assist and guide us!

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