Never Forget…Feelings

How You Made them Feel-1401968Feelings are real and they determine who we are and what we do more than any other single factor. There many details that were shared with me during my near death experience that I have not been allowed remember. What I have been allowed to retain completely was how I felt during each phase of my experience in heaven. Those feelings now move me and instruct me every day and every moment of my life. Life is the same. We forget details of what we have seen or what we have heard – but we never forget what we feel. Those feelings may not always be in harmony with reality, but we own them and act according to those feelings anyway. It has been my experience that very few of us understand the impact we have on others. So here’s my thought for the day: Let’s try to leave each person we interact with today feeling loved and appreciated. Love and appreciation are great things to pass along!

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