We Were Not Placed on this Earth to Walk Alone…Nurture Your Relationships

Walking on the street“I can do it myself!” Have you ever heard that statement from a little child? Have you ever thought it to yourself? I am guilty of wanting to “Do it all myself” a lot. When others don’t seem inclined to want to help me, it makes it all the easier for my thought patterns to go back to that rut of “I Can Do it Myself”. In heaven, we were amazingly adept at being cohesive and sharing our love, care and support. On earth, many of us are too well versed in the art of isolating ourselves and withholding love and support. I have read that the opposite of love is not hate – it is apathy. I agree with that statement. How many wonderful things go undone and important causes blow away because no one is willing to care? When we our transition back to heaven, we will not care about what our bank accounts looked like or how famous we were. We will care about our relationships and those we love. This life is short, precious and is meant to be shared. I hope that this week will be full of caring and sharing moments for you!

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