Prayer   sorrow-699608I could go on and on about prayer. It has become such a vital force in my life. There was once a time when my prayers were like a Christmas want list – all about me. I can’t say exactly when my prayers changed but I know that they are substantially different now. My prayers are now a conversation with my very very best friend. My husband is also my best friend but I have learned an important secret. Once I placed God ahead of my friendship/relationship with my husband, my already amazing marriage improved exponentially! I think that I would have to admit that my prayers became a different animal after my near death experience. As I pray now, I understand that I am praying to my amazing, incredible, perfect Eternal Father. His is the face that I was allowed to look into and see His complete intelligence and utterly perfect Being. In this world where perfect is relative, it is hard to communicate what complete and total perfection is. Yet, I witnessed exactly that – complete and total perfection. That includes His ability to love, to understand and to comprehend. There is no positive, loving characteristic that is not His in perfection. There is absolutely no gap in His intelligence. In my meeting with the Father of us all – I learned that aligning my will with His will is never an act that is meant to make me less or change who I truly am. Instead, His desire for me and for all of His children is to assist us in those efforts and growth that will enable us to be our most amazing and glorious self. Because of that knowledge, I now have a much easier time placing my confidence in Him and his timing. I’m far from perfect but I am incredibly grateful to have a “Father/Daughter” relationship that has brought such amazing joy, beauty and happiness into my life. Prayer is a gift and an opportunity to check in with the One who loves and knows us best.

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